Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking back, looking forward

2006 - a look back...with a smile

Coaching TeamAsha for the second year was one of the highlights of 2006. 170 runners finishing what they started! Back in April, many were running their first mile and facing the daunting prospect of running 13.1 or 26.2 miles by the end of the season. It was fascinating...watching their transition from disbelief/skepticism to achieving their the process enjoying themselves and discovering the joys of fitness and health.

As for myself, I ran four marahons (including 1 during my Ironman). This the most I have ever run in a year - and certainly think I was overdoing it (of course my ultra running friends will scoff at this :-)) - Big Sur in April, Chicago in October, CIM in December and Ironman Canada in August. Apart from that a few of us did the Caliman half Ironman in June, the 2.4 mile Catfish Swim, a century bike ride & the Aquabike (1.2 mile swim/56 mile ride) all in July.

2006 was a year when a lot of my friends achieved personal sporting highs:

Rajeev Patel - Ran his first (of many) 100 milers - and showed up on the cover of the Ultra running magazine!
Vinod Herur - Jumped into world of triathlon with Alcatraz Tri, SJIT, CALIMAN half ironman dist & Ironman Canada!!
Rajesh Agrawal - Probably the most diversified sportsperson I know, finished Ironman Canada
Anu Singh - Like Vinod plunged into Triathlons with SJIT and the MiamiMan half Ironman distance race (next step Ironman!)
Manisha Ghosh - Finished her first half ironman distance race -Big Kahuna, CA.
Mark "Irondog" Williams - finished his 10th Ironman Canada!!
Alan Geraldi - Took a break from Ironman races and ran his first 50 miler (and is training for a 100 miler)
Padma, Kiran & Pradeep Das - Finished the Triple Tahoe Marathon (3 marathons in 3 days)

None of us can ever get to these achievements without the support from our family and friends....Renuka was once again the backbone of my events. Mom was with us as well for Ironman Canada. I cannot thank them enough.

2007 here we come!