Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2008 update

Finally a recap of 2008 and an update to my long dormant blog.

Team Asha had another great year, record number of runners and funds raised. Malati Gadgil qualified for Boston Marathon, making her the first woman to qualify from the SV marathon chapter – Congrats Malati!! A big thank you to Gurpreet, Ram and the entire Asha coordination team – they really put on a super show.

Update on events participated in by some of my friends:
Rajeev Patel: Completed 2 more 100 mile races and many 50-60 mile runs. He also was the Race Director for the Ruth Anderson ultra races in San Francisco.
Alan Geraldi: Apart from running 20+ miles to work – he finished the BadWater Ultra marathon (135 miles).
Padma: Finished 2 Half Ironman races.
Vinod Herur: Qualified for Boston Marathon.
Doug & Chandramouli: Finished their first Half Ironman – Big Kahuna, Santacruz, CA.
Stan, Abhijit, Tandy, Doug & I participated in triathlons in Auburn, CA.

6 races and a bit of travelling in 2008, also the first year I did two ironman races.

Races completed in 2008:

Total Race miles in 2008: 474.2 miles

A bunch of us also backpacked through the gorgeous Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite Valley, CA. A wonderful 3 day trip.

2008 saw us go Boston (last visit was in 1989), Gwalior - India (visit after 25 years), Chicago twice, Seattle & Eastern Washington State (Grand Coulee)

2009 – update:
Decided to skip the Napa Marathon this year – just not ready or motivated for it. I reduced my training to the minimum (1-2 short runs a week) after Chicago marathon in October…In January I managed to put together a few runs and signed up for the KP San Francisco Half Marathon on Feb 1st. We got there late and had to run almost a mile to the start! Managed a decent finish and enjoyed some lovely Dim Sum in San Francisco. Since then I’ve tried to get my season going again, a swim here, a bike ride there and a few runs...let’s see how 2009 shapes up. The rains have finally come to the Bay Area, YAY!