Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ironman Canada Race report

We drove to Penticton , B.C .
All 1100 miles of beautiful scenery
Vinod the lone ranger drove alone
Speeding ahead already in "the zone"

Penticton is a lovely little sleepy town
Where many a lake and beaches abound
A short run we managed on Thursday dusk
A nice short swim on Friday dawn

Registration was done by Friday Morn
All met for lunch, Pasta and some corn
Mom, Sarita, Renuka our cheering gang
Vinod, Rajesh, Me, to our health we sang

Saturday was an easy day – slept late
Bike checked in – we await our fate
Dinner we cooked in our hotel room if I were a bridegroom!

4:30 AM Renuka brought oats & coffee
Amazing woman was up before me
We walked to the start at 5:30
Lines were already long at the Porta Potty!

Wetsuit clad I danced on the beach
The music was loud & had a great beat
"Oh! Canada" we sang and the cannon went boom
2300+ swimmers & off we went - Zoom!

I was out in 1:23, faster than a year ago!
Jumped on to the Iron Horse, 112 to go
Had a feeling that I was dealt good cards
So started cranking out and biking hard

Dreaded Richter Pass, I attacked with a fury
Looking back I wonder, What was the hurry?
The swooping down hills were smooth & fast
Was feeling great and I was having a blast!

Somewhere along the way I stopped eating
No idea why, but the good feeling was fleeting!
Saw Vinod at mile 78 we whooped & cried for each others sake!
Knowing that a final climb awaited at Yellow Lake!

The cramps came quick and fast on the hill
Quads bunched up, where is the darn salt pill?
I biked with one leg, massaging the other
Until both cramped and could go no further!

Ah! the hills are gone the ride is done
Now just survive the freakin' run
Miles upon miles I walked on by
Chatting and meeting others flying by

Saw Rajesh at mile 16 jogging up hill
We were all heading for a finish, what a thrill!
Main street was full of cheering and lights
I had nothing to give, this was the last of my fight!

Hammered and wasted I crawled to the last mile
Sarita, Renuka & Mom...they did bring out a smile!
I jogged to the tape and the finish was Divine
We are all winners - you won't hear me whine!

I love the sport, the physical challenge
We have signed up again for 2007
Hopefully I'll train and practice what I preach!
A new personal best is what I intend to reach.

Thanks to Renuka, Mom, Sarita, Rajesh & Vinod for making it a great experience. Training with Rajesh and Vinod this year was a great learning experience for me, thank you very much guys. And we all thank the Asha family and our friends for all the support and best wishes! We are blessed indeed...