Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tagged by Rajeev Patel

I was tagged by Rajeev Patel with the questions below.

1. What was your 2008 running highlight and running low?
The highlight was an injury free year. No low in 2008

2. What race are you secretly planning on doing (or contemplating) for 2009 but haven't made it known to the public....until now.
No surprises - just a few regular races, nothing fancy.

3. Where would you like create and direct an ultra that (to your knowledge) none exists?
Huh?? I stay away from Ultras.

4. What is your "primary" race for 2009?
Full Vineman in August.

5. What is the most exciting thing about your upcoming race schedule?
The excitement is not for my race but a relay team that I helped set up for the Full Vineman. Tandy (Swim), Kevin (Bike), Tony Fong (Run) - they are hoping to finish in under 9:30 hours! It will be fun to see these uber athletes take on the race clock.

6. List your planned races for 2009:

SF half Marathon - Feb
Vineman - Aug
Chicago Marathon - Oct