Monday, December 14, 2009

Dallas White Rock Marathon Dec 13, 2009

(With the Asha Dallas folks)

With Shri and Madhu moving to Dallas earlier in the year and buying a lovely place, it was a must that we all got there to pay them a visit. Of course the Dallas White Rock Marathon was a perfect excuse to get there and have a party! Renuka, Arul, Gayathri, Rajeev Patel & I flew in from SV and Nandu, Ravin, Rohan and Mallika flew in from Chicago. We had great time at The Rajan house. They hosted a prerace dinner for the Asha Dallas runners which was a blast!

Race morning was cool and calm - Patel was running with my niece Mallika, helping her finish her first half marathon. Congrats Mallika!! I accompanied Nandini for a while and after the half marathon turn off I ran with a few Asha runners. Rajeev Patel also continued on after the half to help a lot of Asha runners through the marathon race. Madhu ran a good race and got her PR! Way to go Madhu! Gayathri ran the half, her second of the year after San Jose RnR! We had great support from Shri, Arul, Renuka, Rohan and Ravin.

White Rock marathon is a nice flat race – it starts in downtown Dallas, circles the lake and heads back into downtown Dallas. It is a well organized race and has pockets of good crowd support. With good friends now settled in Dallas this could become a regular on my marathon circuit.