Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chartoon - Hitting the Wall!

Nice read: "Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners" - by B. I. Rapoport.

The research paper:

The math got to me, hence the pathetic cartoon attempt. :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 - Season

2010 season highlights:

> Chakri & Mouli finished their first Ironman Distance race (Full Vineman)
> Nandini (my sister) Finished her first Marathon (Chicago marathon)
> Murali Krishna, Vinay Kini, Mahesh Palekar, Rajeev Shankar finished their first half Ironman triathlon (Wildflower and Vineman 70.3)
> Team Asha bike program was launched and was a huge success, they completed 60 and 100 mile rides! Big thank you to the coaches, Lyresa, Jeff and my good friend Stan Ho for guiding them through the season. (more bikers = more triathletes :-)) Thanks to Megha and Dilip as well for starting the program.

My 2010 season was great, other than a minor knee issue, it was relatively injury free. I ran The Twin Cities marathon in 3:32:33, my best time so far, but I missed out on qualifying for Boston Marathon by 94 seconds! Close but no cigar :-)..Ah well, next time.

My on going FUND RAISING EFFORTS for Asha for Education:
I have raised over $2,000.00 so far. here is my runnernet donation page, please do DONATE if you can. (Thank you in advance)

My races for 2010 were: