Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 - looking back, 2014 looking forward...

2013 was an interesting year...we spent about a month in Europe (over two trips; Italy and Spain). After a relatively busy 2012 I had decided to skip any serious training in 2013. '13 did begin with an attempt at running the Rouge to Orleans 126 miler (which I dropped out at mile 95 due to an injury)...after that I my training did not really pick up much. Did not participate in any triathlons (first time in close to 20 years) - ran a few marathons with Team Asha runners (Maui, Morgan Hill, Chicago) and generally enjoyed the time off from training.

I tried to start my 2014 season in December - but the 6:00AM swims at near freezing temps nailed me with a case of acute sinusitis (age is catching up!!)... that set me back. So far the year has started slowly - few slow runs and a bike ride or two. Still need to have my first swim of 2014...and it is almost Feb!!

 (A 'slow' start to the 2014 season)

On the cards for 2014 is: Big Sur Marathon, Wildflower triathlon, Ironman Tahoe and Chicago Marathon. It should be an interesting year. 'Focus' is the key word :).