Friday, July 25, 2014

Backing off on racing - 2014

After not a lot of thought (I was halfway there anyway) I decided to tone down my training and back off from races this year. I just could not get myself motivated enough to do Full Vineman or Ironman Tahoe – I could have just pulled through and finished, but decided that I just don’t want to end up with a 16+ hour Ironman. I’d rather wait for the motivation to come back and do it with some proper training and passion.  

With my mom visiting us, I took a month off from coaching and just enjoyed some time with her. I can’t remember ever taking a month off from Saturday runs…and for a change it was nice to just relax over the summer weekends. We had a trip down to L.A. to see the fireworks on the July 4th weekend and spent some time celebrating various things with friends and just enjoyed the easy paced weekends.

With travel on our minds – we intend to make a few trips next summer and I am looking forward to those short weekend trips and longer travel vacations.

For the rest of the year, I’ll be sticking to short rides, swims and runs – still undecided on my 10th Chicago marathon…but I may just go there and have fun.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Alcatraz XXXIV Escape from the Rock - Duathlon

A return to Alcatraz swim after 3 years!

Just finished my 8th Alcatraz swim:
2001 - 00:54:19
2002 - 00:56:42
2003 - 01:01:45
2009 - 00:51:55
2009 - unofficial swim from Alcatraz with Doug & Tandy
2011 - unofficial swim to and back from Alcatraz with Chakri, Mouli and Murali Krishna
2014 - 00:58:02

Still as slow as I was 13 years ago :)
Cool, overcast morning with light wind. While the water was a bit choppy at the start, it was not too fact, the water was awesome and not too cold at all - had to change direction to counter the tide towards the end and probably spent 4-5 mins swinging left of the Aquatic Park entrance. Felt strong and relaxed. The 7 mile run was good too, 00:54:25 about a 7:45 min/mile pace.
(volunteer horsing around at the turnaround point - Fort Point)

Left home at 4:40AM back at 10:40 - nice morning. Given the lack of training in July I was out like a light in the afternoon.

Felt good to be back!